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Evins has been a family owned full service pest control company since 1936. The owners are Charlie and Lori Frommer.   

Evins, is located in Roslyn, and services southern Westchester, the five boroughs, Nassau and western Suffolk Counties. 

Evins performs all types of pest control:

EVINS specializes in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Traditionally, chemical sprays were used almost exclusively, were applied routinely, without consideration or attention to factors contributing to pest infestations. Pesticides were applied as a general preventative even if insects were not present.
Today, the approach and methodology has changed dramatically, from routine treatments to an (IPM) approach.  IPM does not rely on routine pesticide treatments. IPM places emphasis on monitoring, and non-chemical control methods that help control pests such as improving sanitation, changing operational procedures, and repairing structural problems that allow pests access and minimize harborages attractive to pests.
The key to successful pest management is to reduce all factors that contribute to pest problems, thus reducing the need for chemical applications. Sanitation, exclusion (rodent-proofing), and maintenance programs are critical factors in controlling insects and rodents.
For single-family homes the majority of insect pests can be successfully controlled from the outside.

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